2023 List of Inductees

Dec 24 2022

bert brundage.jpg
Bert Brundage
bill gusse.jpg
Bill Gusse
billy gray.jpg
Billy Gray
billy labrie.jpg
Billy Labrie
bobby hedden.jpg
Bobby Hedden
brad oxley.jpg
Brad Oxley
bruce cribb.jpg
Bruce Cribb
bryan smith.jpg
Bryan Smith
carl patrick.jpg
Carl Patrick
chris carter.jpg
Chris Carter
darrin erichsen.jpg
Darrin Erichsen
dennis sigalos.jpg
Dennis Sigalos
donna “dee” johnson.jpg
Donna “Dee” Johnson
eraldo ferracci.jpg
Eraldo Ferracci
franco acerbis.jpg
Franco Acerbis
gene bonsignore.jpg
Gene Bonsignore
geoff aaron.jpg
Geoff Aaron
george garvis sr..jpg
George Garvis Sr.
greg hancock.jpg
Greg Hancock
jackie mitchell.jpg
Jackie Mitchell
jeff fredette.jpg
Jeff Fredette
jerry callen.jpg
Jerry Callen
jerry kennedy.jpg
Jerry Kennedy
jimmy gentile.jpg
Jimmy Gentile
jimmy lewis.jpg
Jimmy Lewis
joe parsons.jpg
Joe Parsons
john ayscue.jpg
John Ayscue
johnny campbell.jpg
Johnny Campbell
jon freeman.jpg
Jon Freeman
karel kramer.jpg
Karel Kramer
larry bergquist.jpg
Larry Bergquist
larry coleman.jpg
Larry Coleman
larry janesky 2.jpg
Larry Janesky 2
larry wilburn.jpg
Larry Wilburn
leivan family.jpg
Leivan Family
lenny mcbride.jpg
Lenny McBride
les collins.jpg
Les Collins
lloyd houchins.jpg
Lloyd Houchins
mert lawwill.jpg
Mert Lawwill
mickey lee fay.jpg
Mickey Lee Fay
mike kidd.jpg
Mike Kidd
mike muntean.jpg
Mike Muntean
mike patrick.jpg
Mike Patrick
mike rooney.jpg
Mike Rooney
mitch mays.jpg
Mitch Mays
neil collins.jpg
Neil Collins
pati desoto.jpg
Pati DeSoto
pattie prestidge frost.jpg
Pattie Prestidge Frost
peter collins m.b.e..jpg
Peter Collins M.B.E.
philip david collins.jpg
Philip David Collins
ray rizzo.jpg
Ray Rizzo
rich king.jpg
Rich King
rick rohde.jpg
Rick Rohde
ricky brabec.jpg
Ricky Brabec
sandra milne hicks.jpg
Sandra Milne Hicks
scott brant.jpg
Scott Brant
scott brelsford.jpg
Scott Brelsford
scott parker.jpg
Scott Parker
seth enslow.jpg
Seth Enslow
shawn mcconnell.jpg
Shawn McConnell
steve bast.jpg
Steve Bast
steve collins.jpg
Steve Collins
steve dorn.jpg
Steve Dorn
steve hengeveld.jpg
Steve Hengeveld
steve nutter.jpg
Steve Nutter
ted boody.jpg
Ted Boody
terry morairty.jpg
Terry Morairty
tim gomez.jpg
Tim Gomez
travis pastrana.jpg
Travis Pastrana
walt fulton iii.jpg
Walt Fulton III

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